Machine Hangs after system is up

Chakravarthi V S
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Machine Hangs after system is up

Hi all,

I have a probelm in my Linux machine, the machine is loaded with redhat 6.2, it was intalled one week back, it was working fine, recently we had changed the ip address using ifconfig, it worked for one day, from yesterday onwards we are facing problems like, not responding, once the machine is up it'll work only for 10 min, then hangs, no responce at all.......

any idea about this problem
ger donohue
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Re: Machine Hangs after system is up

boot into system as superuser by typing linux init=/sbin/init 1 when lilo prompt appears.
unmount all drives and fsck them.
have a look at /var/log/messages for clues
or any other log files as shown in /etc/syslog.conf

My gut feeling is a hardware problem.

do dmesg | more and look for any errors

Regards Ger
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Re: Machine Hangs after system is up

Do you boot into X er not?
Because i had a couple of problems with linux redhat an the X-enviroment.

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Re: Machine Hangs after system is up

Why did you install 6.2?

In either case you can d/l linux on a floppy and mount your disk from that if you can't get lilo.
Then rescue with the linux rescue floppy.

Otherwise, if you can't get into init 1 or singleuser mode, init s then there is more than likely a h/w problem.

Do you see console at all?
Lilo even?
do you hear disk noises!

It works for me (tm)