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Mail Routing

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Mail Routing

Hi ,

Assume I have two servers A and B hosting email service with sendmail for same domain I have 50 users in server A and 50 users in Server B. All users will have sender address in this format -

user in server A should able to send mail to other users in server A and also server B. How to do mail routing without using LDAP ?.


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James Specht
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Re: Mail Routing

We have a similiar setup here. I have 12 servers holding my users actual email accounts. All users are known as What I have done is in our primary mail server for the domain I have an alias file that points all individuals to the correct server. So is aliased to and is aliased to This alias file is then cloned to all the other email servers so everyone is in sync and can deliver their own mail internally.

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Steven E. Protter
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Re: Mail Routing


On all the systems

The file is tab delimited.

That change will start working as soon as you implement it, though its always a good idea to bounce the sendmail daaemon with a service sendmail restart

I like James's idea. I may modify it to provide failover mail queing between my three domain servers.

Steven E Protter
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Stuart Browne
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Re: Mail Routing

If you have some predictable pattern to the users on the given systems, you could use the 'virtual user table' to redirect them easier (for groupings) than the aliases file.
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