Re: Mailing in HPUX to large group

Sharmistha Ghosh
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Mailing in HPUX to large group


My problem is i want to mail from unix with attachment to a large group of people.
The problem I am facing is whenver $mail_list is more that 80 chac it's failing.

I am using the following command

cat email_boody|uuencode $file $file|mailx -m -s $subject $maillist

$maillist contains addresses seperated by ; and the no of recepient is almost 50.

Kindly help.
Steven E. Protter
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Re: Mailing in HPUX to large group


Send them out one at a time. That way you won't blow server anti-spam limits.

subject="Maeyem oty?"
while read -r recipient
cat email_boody|uuencode $file $file|mailx -m -s $subject $recipient
done < list


Steven E Protter
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Sharmistha Ghosh
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Re: Mailing in HPUX to large group

Well i am presently using that only. But since it is an automation process.
But list of people whoever i am mailing should be visible to others.

ANd the problem i am facinc in the limitation of the variable size in unix
Bill Hassell
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Re: Mailing in HPUX to large group

A variable can be as long as 40 Megs, not 80 bytes (in POSIX or ksh). According to the man page for mailx, the address list must be less than 1024 characters. Again, according to the man page, you can create an alias of any length and simply use the alias name as your address. The aliases file is located in /etc/mail. Be sure to run newaliases after you edit this file.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin