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Max Size in Msg Snd

Occasional Advisor

Max Size in Msg Snd


We are encountering this error message on
msgsnd () whenever we try to send across a larger message greater than around char[1200].

msgsnd: Resource temporarily unavailable

Are there any kernel params that control the behaviour of msgsnd.

Wld appreciate any advice..


Jeff Schussele
Honored Contributor

Re: Max Size in Msg Snd


See the following kernel parms:

msgmax => Max size in bytes of a msg in a queue
msgmnb => Max size of a single msg queue
msgmni => Max # of msg queues
msgtql => Max # of msgs in the system (all queues)

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Occasional Advisor

Re: Max Size in Msg Snd

msgmax 32768
msgmnb 32768
msgmni 25,600
msgseg 32767
msgssz 16
msgtql 25,600

Are these params enuf on HpUx11i
My Messages are pretty small around 4K but the strangely the starting portion of the messages are trucancated.

Wld appreciate any help.