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Max Telnet sessions

John Love_3
Regular Advisor

Max Telnet sessions

Does anybody know if and what the max telnet sessions are on a 2.2.X kernel? (Red Hat 7.0).
Can one change some kernel paramaters to increase the allowable telnet sessions?
I noticed a post on the HP-UX forum about this and wondered how Linux would/does handle this.

Romeo Ninov
Occasional Advisor

Re: Max Telnet sessions

Standart number of telnet/ssh/rlogin connections is 256. If You want to increase number change CONFIG_UNIX98_PTY_COUNT to value that You want but <2048. See also CONFIG_UNIX98_PTYS parameter
BTW: When not in use, each additional set of 256 PTYs occupy approximately 8 KB of kernel memory on 32-bit architectures.
For additional information see:
and let's GOD save Your system :-)