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Mc/Sg and Oracle tools kits

Deanna Tran_1
Frequent Advisor

Mc/Sg and Oracle tools kits

Hello all,

Currently i have a 2 -node cluster environment.
I want to add a package as oracle database.
Is there any hint on how to do so?
--- i'm not doing OPS --- at this point.
-- my goals are if one of node fails, the instance stop on that node, and all the resource fall over to the alternative node and start instance
Ashwani Kashyap
Honored Contributor

Re: Mc/Sg and Oracle tools kits

At you will find excellent documents on MCSG about the same . Also while you are there don't forget to take a look at the enterprise master toolkit document .
Brian M Rawlings
Honored Contributor

Re: Mc/Sg and Oracle tools kits

Deanna: the easy way to do this is with HP's "cluster master toolkit", p/n B5139EA (the two suffix letters may be different, they are release dependant). See:

There is a white paper on the web site, as well as release notes from the various releases.

What this thing is, basically, is a script template that you put into the MCSG package directory to control the behavior of your Oracle database as the package starts and stops. You have but to put in your instance information (name, etc), and it is ready to play.

It takes a bit more than that, of course, but it is worth the $$. You can script this all up yourself, but the couple of days that would take (OK, the week, with all the itterative troubleshooting, etc) just isn't worth the cost savings.

Regards, --bmr
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