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McAfee antivirus

Jay Cantwell
Regular Advisor

McAfee antivirus

First let me say that I have read the previous posts, especially the one by Shannon in October of 2000. However, with all the patches put out by HP recently, I still wonder if there is a possibility of getting "bit"...Additionally, my com people are researching a "lochi" send packet problem. They say that they see several send packets leaving the network, and suspect a UNIX box is the culprit....

1. What is your opinion of McAfee's 4.14 viruscan...and

2. I really have a hard time believing that the UNIX is putting these out....mainly because of what I have read, heard and have been told....

Any ideas or opinions???
harry d brown jr
Honored Contributor

Re: McAfee antivirus

I seriously doubt you have a "virus" on your hpux box. You need to have your network engineers more clearly identify the packets and possibly their contents.
Live Free or Die
Honored Contributor

Re: McAfee antivirus

Hi Jay

Virus from UNIX servers never heard of such things. One thing can be possible that there is an NFS mount which can be sending lot of network traffic