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Memory Leak in Oracle

Sharad D. Pawar
Occasional Contributor

Memory Leak in Oracle


I am running oracle 9ir2 on Hp-ux 11i and I am facing the memory leak problem. Application is very simple of testing transactions.
I had checked memory leak with the help of Purify tool. I am sending log file of memory leak ,Application was running for only 1 Hr. Memory leak observed 30 MB. Most of memory is leaked in oracle library nioqrc and ttcdrv.
I don't know what is nioqrc and ttcdrv library used for ?

Machine configuration is as follows :
RAM 512 MB. swapspace 3 GB.

SGA : total System Global Area 219638280 bytes
Fixed Size 735752 bytes
Variable Size 184549376 bytes
Database Buffers 33554432 bytes
Redo Buffers 798720 bytes

Kernel parameters as follows :
acctresume 4
acctsuspend 2
allocate_fs_swapmap 0
bufpages 9352
create_fastlinks 0
dbc_max_pct 50
dbc_min_pct 5
default_disk_ir 0
dskless_node 0
eisa_io_estimate 768
eqmemsize 17
file_pad 10
fs_async 0
hpux_aes_override 0
maxdsiz 262144
maxdsiz_64bit 524288
maxfiles 2000
maxfiles_lim 1024
maxssiz 32768
maxssiz_64bit 262144
maxswapchunks 16384
maxtsiz 16384
maxtsiz_64bit 262144
maxuprc 75
maxvgs 10
msgmap 5119
nbuf 7140
ncallout 8992
ncdnode 150
ndilbuffers 30
netmemmax 0
nfile 172042
nflocks 8192
ninode 43008
no_lvm_disks 0
nproc 5120
npty 60
nstrpty 60
nswapdev 10
nswapfs 10
public_shlibs 1
remote_nfs_swap 0
rtsched_numpri 32
sema 0
semmap 10241
shmem 0
shmmni 512
streampipes 0
swapmem_on 1
swchunk 2048
timeslice 10
unlockable_mem 20680

I had checked memory leak ,memory leak using purify tools is seems to in nioqrc and ttcdrv.

MLK: 4935220 bytes leaked in 18415 blocks
* This memory was allocated from:
malloc [rtlib.o]
sltsmxi []
snsbitts_ts []
nsdo []
nioqrc []
ttcdrv []
* Block of 268 bytes (18415 times); last block at 0x42eac228

for the reference I am sending the log file of purify memory leak.
is this problem with network configuration or OS network issue.
Thanks in advance for help.

- Sharad D. Pawar.
Honored Contributor

Re: Memory Leak in Oracle

To track down a memory leak, you need to know how the memory blocks are used and where they are stored, and you need to understand where they are lost. Run the program again and look for a section of code that loses the last pointer to a block of memory. The last pointer to a block of memory can be lost if:
.The pointer is reassigned to a new value
.The pointer goes out of scope
.A memory block containing the pointer is freed or becomes a leak itself

To understand this memory leak message, you need to review how to store and use hashEntry(in purify o/p) type memory blocks. It is possible that a pointer to a hashEntry is being lost when a new one is inserted in putHash, or when the old one in remHash is removed. It is also possible that they are being lost when they are removed in delHashTable.

Start your debugger and set breakpoints in the program after calls to PutHash, RemHash, and DelHashTable.

# dbx x.pure
(dbx) file y.c
(dbx) run

Each time the program stops call 'purify_new_leaks'.

(dbx) print purify_new_leaks()

Continue this process until u get
next = (nil)
in (dbx) print purify_new_leaks.

Recompile the program and run it again.

This time Purify should indicate that there are no leaks

never give up
R. Allan Hicks
Trusted Contributor

Re: Memory Leak in Oracle

I had a memory leak in also. It manifested itself in dbsnmp growing. Oracle Tech Support gave me a patch for the network software that appears to straighten things out. Go to metalink ( and try patch ID:1766383 for HP-UX.

Good Luck
"Only he who attempts the absurd is capable of achieving the impossible
Carlos Fernandez Riera
Honored Contributor

Re: Memory Leak in Oracle

I am installing and testing now Oracle 9.2.0

I will be aware of these memory leaks. Thanks for the info.
Sharad D. Pawar
Occasional Contributor

Re: Memory Leak in Oracle

Thanks Allan ,
I had downloaded patch but while appliing the same I am encountering following errror. If any info on the same will be great .

le/lib32/naect.o /dbms/oracle/lib32/naedhs.o /dbms/oracle/rdbms/lib32/defopt.o
-lpls9 -lsql9 -lxsd9
/usr/ccs/bin/ld: Can't find library: "fcgi"
*** Error exit code 1

*** Error exit code 1


- Sharad
Steve Steel
Honored Contributor

Re: Memory Leak in Oracle


Steve Steel

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Sharad D. Pawar
Occasional Contributor

Re: Memory Leak in Oracle

Hi Allan,
I had applied Patch but still the memory is leaking. Is there any specific setting required after patch installations.
if anybody know the any answer on hints let me know.
Thanks in advance.

- Sharad
Honored Contributor

Re: Memory Leak in Oracle

Hi Allan,
I had applied Patch but still the memory is leaking. Is there any specific setting required after patch installations.
if anybody know the any answer on hints let me know.
Thanks in advance.

Hi Mr. Sharad,

Normally, you don't need any "specific settings" for patch installation. Anyway, if there are any, you should get it in the documentation coming with the patch.

There are some ways to stop these errors from being displayed or logged. But it would be advisable that you log an iTAR at the metalin site given above.

Hope this helps!
Best regards
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