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Memory on HP-UX with Oracle

Occasional Advisor

Memory on HP-UX with Oracle

Hi all,

got a strange problem here. Configured an Oracle DB to use 24GB of Memory on an HP-UX B.11.31 with 32GB RAM.

Oracle v$'s tell me, that it would take 24GB for SGA and PGA. Fine!

'top' tells me rubbish, saying there are 10GB real mem whereof 3GB are in use. 'vmstat' is useless too! 'swapinfo' comes nice, showing me 32GB AVAIL and 17GB USED which is ~55%

But now: 'glance' shows me 100% in use and swap at 50%. Also the Oracle Enterprise Manager tool warns me, that 100% Memory are used.

Suming up all 'oracle' processes from 'ps' shows me, that the user oracle uses 17GB.

Whom should I believe then?
James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Memory on HP-UX with Oracle

Hi Steff:

Trust 'glance' as it's architected with an intimate knowledge of the HP-UX kernel.

Summing process sizes using 'ps' doesn't take into account dynamic library and shared memory. That is, it is difficult to apportion these.


Occasional Advisor

Re: Memory on HP-UX with Oracle

Thanks! Interesting that one can find the memory usage only with a non-free program on HP-UX! But the result from glance is congruent with my adjustments. Again, thank you.
Occasional Advisor

Re: Memory on HP-UX with Oracle

All efforts to find out how memory led me to a wrong path. No I know, that 'glance' is needed.