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Micro Focus Object Cobol with HP-UX 11i problems.

Jamal Al-Hammadi
Occasional Contributor

Micro Focus Object Cobol with HP-UX 11i problems.

we bought 2 servers which the micro foucs object cobol is the default database which HP-UX 11i is the the operating system. The system was working well untill we decided to reinstall the operating system from its cd,which was attached, after the installiation the system also was working well, but during the next days we faced many problems one of them is system hang and now the system is very slow. please, at least, tell us, what r the problems that we may face with this system?
so please if u help us as soon as u could, we will appreciate it. (Tadhamon Int. Bank)
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Micro Focus Object Cobol with HP-UX 11i problems.

Microfocus Cobol, which is a programming language/compiler not a database, has a licensing system that detects what inode its sitting on. I guess its being used to access the database. We use it for that here.

When you redo the operating system, you have to set the license keys up all over again.

Further Microfocus Cobol may have patch requirements that are as yet unmet on these newly re-installed system.

It is all in the documentation for the Cobol Compiler.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Indira Aramandla
Honored Contributor

Re: Micro Focus Object Cobol with HP-UX 11i problems.

Hi Jamal,

Yes as Steven E P said Microfocus Cobol, is a programming language. May be you were refering to the LMF database which is the micro focus license manager.
If you re-installed the OS then you will need to re-install LMF(using lmfinstall), start the MF License Administration Services (using mflmadm) and start the license manager again (using mflmman).

And remember to set the COBDIR variable. If the version is MF 4.1 then COBDIR= /opt/cobol/cobdir and for later versions i.e from 4.2 onwards COBDIR= /opt/lib/cobol. And also the SHLIB_PATH should include the $COBDIR/coblib.

Use the Microfocus License Administration Services Main Screen (mflmadm) which is a menu driven options and you can enter the serial number and the license key.

I hope this helps.

Indira A

Never give up, Keep Trying