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Migration: ingres 1.2a --> ingres 2006

Paul Senior_1
Frequent Advisor

Migration: ingres 1.2a --> ingres 2006

We are considering migrating our hpux 10.2 (ingres 1.2a) production system onto an rx2620 integrity server running hpux 11iv2 and ingres 2006.

Does anyone have any experience of such a migration and know any potential pitfalls?

I am aware of the 32bit-->64bit transition.
Does hpux provide patches speficic to individual databases and if so is ingres covered?
Honored Contributor

Re: Migration: ingres 1.2a --> ingres 2006


AFAIK, there are no HP-UX "Ingres specific" patches. Ingres Corp may have some requirements listed in the release notes however.

Also, if the application is developed in 4GL (ABF), there were some additional keywords introduced in the move up to Ingres II 2.0 (I believe) that may need to be addressed. Refer to the migration guides below for additional info on this.

One last item. I seem to recall that their was an issue with one of the ingres files used by the report writer parser. it was fixed by editting a config file and (*I think*) changing a single-quote to a double-quote, or perhaps the other way around. You may have already had to do this as it may have been introduced w/ the 6.4 to 1.2 migration, as well. Again, the news group can probably be of more assistance with this.

Some additional resources:

Ingres Corp:

news group, very active, some ingres corp and developer participation:

William's Ingres Database Reference

Various migration guides on William's site:

hope this is of some help.