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Missing SSL_ symbols in

Kevin Bingham
Regular Advisor

Missing SSL_ symbols in

Hi Everyone

As a vendor of some CM software that runs on HP-UX, I have a strange problem with one of my cutsomers' machines. I have searched the web in vain for help, so now I turn to you guys for help.

My HP-UX 11.11 (32 Bit) PA-RISC modules have a dynamic dependency on the Oracle 10g library (, and we rely on the customer having Oracle installed at least to the level of

When I perform an "ldd" I see the correct library is picked up on the customer machine (the 32 bit one), but at runtime the customer sees certain modules core-dumping with unresolved symbols. reports that the module requires a large number of symbols beginning with SSL_* and these "should" be found in libclntsh. I have checked using "/usr/bin/nm -g|grep -i ssl_" on my machine and the customer's, and the symbols are present as "extern|code" and "extern|entry" on my machine, but not on the customer's.

I have tried searching Oracle's Metalink for reasons why these symbols may be missing, but there's no help there.

Other info that may or not be relevant is that I have the aCC Bundle installed, but my customer does not. Indeed they have a gnu bundle installed which is supposed to do similar things, but is obviously subtily different. e.g. in their /usr/local/bin they have a version of "nm" which does not report the "extern" portion of the symbols, but using their /usr/bin/nm still shows the symbols as missing... I did find that PHSS_33033 is supposed to fix similar issues. There has been no change in behaviour since the customer installed this patch...

Any clues as to how to resolve this would be greatly appreciated (and rewarded)...

I have VPN access to the customer's machine so can run diagnostic checks as necessary...

Thanks in advance
Peter Godron
Honored Contributor

Re: Missing SSL_ symbols in

I assume you have checked the PATH, LD_LIBRARY_PATH, SHLIB_PATH variables, that they all point to the 32bit libs.

On my machines the SSL_ symbols only appear in the lib32 version.
Kevin Bingham
Regular Advisor

Re: Missing SSL_ symbols in

Yes, LD_LIBRARY_PATH and SHLIB_PATH are correct, including $ORACLE_HOME/lib32.

I suspect that the customer has not completed the actions for Oracle Doc 356551.1, which says to "relink all" after applying PHSS_33033, but I am waiting for confirmation of this.