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Missing volume group

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Missing volume group

I have one volume group vg01. It contain in three Hard disk. Now one disk can't read.If I use diskinfo command It will show zero bytes.How can I recover this problem.
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Re: Missing volume group


This could be harddisk problem

- replace disk
- vgcfgrestore vg_name pv_path
- restore data from backup.
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Re: Missing volume group

If the disk has crashed and has to be replaced ,the scenario could be:

# vgchange -a n /dev/vg01
Deactivates vg01 and any associated lvol

-> replace physically the disk

# vgcfgrestore -n /dev/vg01 /dev/rdsk/cxtyd0
gets configuration information from a specified source
#vgchange -a y /dev/vg01 ( reactivates the vg)
#newfs -F vxfs(hfs) /dev/vg01/lvolx
( recreates att the lvol on the damaged disk)
# mount /dev/vg01/lvlox /mount_pointx
mounts the file systems
-> recovers data from backup

Steffi Jones_1
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Re: Missing volume group

Hi Senaka,

it really sounds as if you have lost a disk.

Here are some tips for troubleshooting:

- ioscan -fnC disk ... does disk still show up?
- dd if=/dev/dsk/ of=/dev/null ... control c this after a while and see what numbers you see for records in and out (they should be the same if everything is ok)
- check dmesg output
- have a look at /var/adm/syslog/sylog.log and OLDsyslog.log
- if possible run the diagnostics with stm

But in any case you need to contact HP anyways to replace the disk. Let them help you to deteremine if the disk broke on you

Steffi Jones
Pedro Sousa
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Re: Missing volume group

Do as Federico said, but only perform newfs to the lvols belonging to the broken disk.
You can check wich ones they are by executing "vgdisplay -v vg01" or lvdisplay -v to each lvol.

good luck.
Tony Watts

Re: Missing volume group

I had a similar problem before, I had 3 2gigs with 3 lv's in 1 vg, running progress with 4 very large databases, then one morning bam! 1 lv was gone...with no apparent reason, come to fing out, 1 of the drives was bad and since the data was striped, needless to say I lost everything, but was I ever thankfull for a prior backup, and hopefully you have one, cuase I think you'll need it, hopefully this is not your problem also, but it could be worth the investigation to find out...if it is, your data is probably gone, if not I dont know what else info to offer.Hope this helps...Tony

Ajitkumar Rane
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Re: Missing volume group

Your disk is blown as it shows 0 bytes in diskinfo. Federico has given you all the detiail steps.You will have to unmout any other filesystems which are mounted of vg01 and then you will be able to deactivate the VG.
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