Mounting windows shared drive

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Mounting windows shared drive

Hey guys,

I have shared a drive on winXP and allowed network users to modify the files.
I mounted the filesystem on my Linux using the two following commands:

# mount -t smbfs -o rm //winxp/shared /mnt/xp_shared
# smbmount rw //winxp/shared /mnt/xp_shared -rw

Both have mounted the filesystem fine but in 755, I even treid to chmod 777 on the mount point and did not work.
Before mounting I checked that the mount point was 777.

What am I doing wrong?

additional info:
- WinXP sp1 files in directory are not marked read-only
- local LAN
- Linux RH 8.0 (hp linuxcoe) with iptables and smb services started

Stuart Browne
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Re: Mounting windows shared drive

You need to pass some mroe options to your 'mount' command, similar to this:

mount -t smbfs -o fmask=666,dmask=777 //winxp/shared /mnt/xp_shared

All such options that can be passed in the '-o' are listed in 'man 8 smbmount'.

Don't forget that you can add an entry (with these options) to your /etc/fstab to moun tit automatically upon boot-up, or use the Auto-Mounter (/etc/auto.misc) entry to do a similar thing.
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