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Move work load to new box

Tommy Wang
Occasional Advisor

Move work load to new box

We are running Oracle Application on hpux110(D390), due to the performance problem, we would like to reduce its process load by moving Web Application Server or/and Oracle application server to a new box(running hpux110). Is there anyone can give me some suggestion or general instructions in performing these tasks? Or any one has this kind of experience?
Any help is highly appreciated.
surendhar prakash.J
Frequent Advisor

Re: Move work load to new box


If you have different volume groups for oracle server or web server, you can move to new server by exporting the volume group.

steps :-

1) find out volume group configuration

#vgdisplay -v |pg ( take a print out of this o/p for reference)
#/etc/fstab ( take a print out of this o/p for reference)

2) find out all the logical volume file system type from /etc/fstab

3) Export the volume group

Before find out logical volume name (i.e lvora instead lvol1),if its there note it down

4) remove the volume group physical volumes and connect it to new system

5) Import the volume groups and mount it as per old configuration

stepa as follows for importing:

1) #mkdir /dev/vgXX

2) #mknod /dev/vgXX/group c 64 0xXX0000 (XX is volume group name (i.e 01 or 02)

3) #vgimport /dev/vgXX

4) #vgchange -a y /dev/vgXX

5) #create a mount point directory and mount it

All the best

Jim Mulshine
Frequent Advisor

Re: Move work load to new box

I have successfully moved Oracle Application Server to another server by copying the OAS $ORACLE_HOME directory tree to the other server and then modifying several config files that exist there. I found which files to change by searching for the old hostname in all files under $ORACLE_HOME. Then I changed them to the new hostname. Of course this is not recommended by Oracle. Instead, they recommend a new installation.