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Mysql ODBC driver

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Antonio Egea

Mysql ODBC driver

Hello all,

I have been searching in the forum and found some interesting things about it but I already have questions.

We have a RedHat server with MySQL 5.0.45 and an HPUX 11.11 PA-RISC 64bits client host. We want to establish an ODBC communication between them.

We get the Mysql odbc driver from mysql site.
the question is that in the installation instructions there are these recommendations:

"ODBC Systems
Strictly speaking, the driver can be used without any ODBC system but in practice this is seldom done. Depending upon your system - one of the following is needed and is usually available with your operating system (and is often installed by default).
* unixODBC
* Apple iODBC
* Microsoft ODBC

From my understanding HPUX does not have an ODBC system, so we need one. The "recommend" from MySQL is the unixODBC from But I couldn't find if it possible using the driver without it or a better way.

This is too from the INSTALL file:

"one must first extract the files and then manually copy the files to a desired location and then manually register the driver with the ODBC system."

The myodbc3i from the /bin of the mysql ODBC driver doe not work properly (Unable to find library ''.) And truly that library doesn't exist in the machine, and trying to load the library manually with ldd returns an error with the same library. I think this can be because the unixODBC is not installed, can this be true? Is the using of unixODBC the best or a must?

Thank you in advance,
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Mysql ODBC driver

Shalom Antonio,

Both databases are mysql

You don't need ODBC for data interactivity.

mysqldump can make backups of data that you can transfer from database to database.

One thing I don't see from your post is what you want to do.

Simple data transfers can be scripted.

more complex data transfer can be handled with the native database engines available in mysql.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Antonio Egea

Re: Mysql ODBC driver

Sorry for the delay Steven. I am asking them what you pointed me which looks more than reasonable
Antonio Egea

Re: Mysql ODBC driver

Steven, they need real time querying to a MySQL DB.
Occasional Advisor

Re: Mysql ODBC driver

There are a couple of choices and the simpliest is Heterogeneous Services. I do not think UNIXOBDC is available for HP-UX. It is currently available for Solaris 8, 9. In any case there must be an Oracle database running on HP-UX, not just an Oracle client. See if you can get the OBDC from easysoft or

See Jeff Hunter's site to see how it is done for Solaris.
Antonio Egea

Re: Mysql ODBC driver

Thank you all, we will contact easysoft and datadirect.