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NFS mount volume

Joseph Chakkery
Valued Contributor

NFS mount volume

Hi Folks,

I have little query about an NFS mount volume.

When we export a directory can we give permision of rw-rw-rw- to the remote user?

When I give rw while exporting, the remote user file are having permision rw-r--r--. This nfs file system is mounted on a Linux box. They write some files into this HP NFS file syste.

Can anybody help me out on this.

Thanks in advance.

Knowledge is wealth
Respected Contributor

Re: NFS mount volume


If you use "rw" option in /etc/exports like :

/volume_name rw=host1

You give host1 read/write access on the share
filesystem. This means that host1 can write and
read on the filesystem. But it doesn't mean you
can modify file's rights. rw option is for
filesystem access (for example, export a
filesystem readonly and you can't write anything
on it).



Joseph Chakkery
Valued Contributor

Re: NFS mount volume

Hi Herve,

The Linux user (Client NFS server) creates some file on this NFS volume. its permission is rw-r--r--. Whether he can create file with permission rw-rw-rw-. IS it mount specific on Linux box.

Knowledge is wealth
Trusted Contributor

Re: NFS mount volume

Regarding permission, you can do it either on server or on client, however, every permission is controlled by NFS server, you only can change mount option from client side.

On server side:

/dir_name -access=host_name

Run exportsfs -a following every modification of /etc/exports

On client side:

the default option is rw, you can change it according to your need, then run mount -aQF nfs or let the system re-read the file automatically when the system boot at the next time.