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NFS mounting problem

Shiv Kumar_2
Occasional Contributor

NFS mounting problem

I am enclosing the log file for the NFS mounts which I encounter in a
particular machine, when I do nfsstat it says that nfs server is already
active. Also it shows that all the deamons rpc.montd|statd|biod are running.
Where exactly could be the problem? Thanks a lot in advance


########### Node "sdf2ora2": Starting package at Fri Mar 17 14:12:14 GMT 2000
Mar 17 14:12:14 - "sdf2ora2": Activating volume group /dev/vg_nfs with
exclusive option.
Activated volume group in Exclusive Mode.
Volume group "/dev/vg_nfs" has been successfully changed.
Mar 17 14:12:19 - Node "sdf2ora2": Checking filesystems:
file system is clean - log replay is not required
Mar 17 14:12:23 - Node "sdf2ora2": Mounting /dev/vg_nfs/lv_nfs at /export
Mar 17 14:12:25 - Node "sdf2ora2": Starting nfs service nfs.monitor using
Mar 17 14:12:25 - Node "sdf2ora2": Exporting filesystem on -o
root=sdf2ora1:sdf2ora2:sdf2ora1-f:sdf2ora2-f /export
Mar 17 14:12:26 - Node "sdf2ora2": Adding IP address to subnet
Mar 17 14:12:26 - Node "sdf2ora2": Adding IP address to subnet
message 86762_agbinet_4001 queued (to unixp)
killing biod
killing automount
starting NFS CLIENT networking

starting up the portmapper
portmap already started, using pid: 739
starting up the BIO daemons
/usr/sbin/biod 4
exportfs error: nothing to export.
Reading in /etc/exports
starting up the Status Monitor daemon
rpc.statd already started, using pid: 765
starting up the Lock Manager daemon
rpc.lockd already started, using pid: 771
starting up the Automount daemon
/usr/sbin/automount -f /etc/auto_master
mounting remote NFS file systems ...

########### Node "sdf2ora2": Halting package at Sun Mar 19 01:14:29 GMT
2000 ###########
message 88085_agbinet_4001 queued (to unixp)
killing biod
killing automount
Mar 19 01:14:33 - Node "sdf2ora2": Remove IP address from subnet
Mar 19 01:14:33 - Node "sdf2ora2": Remove IP address from subnet
exportfs error: options ignored for unexport.
ERROR: Function un_export_fs
ERROR: Failed to unexport -o
root=sdf2ora1:sdf2ora2:sdf2ora1-f:sdf2ora2-f /export
Mar 19 01:14:34 - Node "sdf2ora2": Halting NFS service nfs.monitor
killing rpc.lockd pid = 771
killing rpc.statd pid = 765
Mar 19 01:14:35 - Node "sdf2ora2": Restarting rpc.statd
Mar 19 01:14:35 - Node "sdf2ora2": Restarting rpc.lockd
Mar 19 01:14:35 - Node "sdf2ora2": Unmounting filesystem on /dev/vg_nfs/lv_nfs
WARNING: Running fuser to remove anyone using the file system
/dev/vg_nfs/lv_nfs: 25752o(root)

Mar 19 01:14:37 - Node "sdf2ora2": Deactivating volume group /dev/vg_nfs
Deactivated volume group in Exclusive Mode.
Volume group "/dev/vg_nfs" has been successfully changed.
Fernando Santana
Frequent Advisor

Re: NFS mounting problem

Hi, I am not sure what's your problem but if you run
"cmviewcl -v" and check that you Highly available
package is up and running, then you can nfs mount
the filesystems from your other hosts by using:
mount nfs:/ , provided
"nfs" is your package name. You can use the package floating IP address
"" instead of the package name and the filesystem/s you're
exporting should be in the XFS[@]array inside your control script, ie.
/ect/cmcluster/nfs/nfs.cntl if you followed default name convention.

If your problem is that the package doesn't start,
check that the processes being monitored by
"/etc/cmcluster/nfs/nfs.mon" started before restarting
the package. Just in case, make sure you're starting
the MC/Service Guard packages from run level 3.