NFS permissions

Joseph Chakkery
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NFS permissions

Hi Folks,

I have little query about an NFS mount volume.

I have exported a directory From HP server with RW permissions on it. This has mounted on a Linux box. But when a linux user creates a file on it, the file is getting rw-r--r-- permissions on it. What I want is a rw-rw-rw- permission for all files created by Linux user.

I mounted the same NFS volume on another HP server and creates some files, it is getting rw-rw-rw- permission for that.

Is there any mount option in Linux which will solve this problem.

Can anybody help me out on this.

Thanks in advance.

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Bill Thorsteinson
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Re: NFS permissions

Check the value of umask on the Linux server.
The standard value of 022 will give this behaviour.

Try setting umask to 000 then creating a file.
If this works add the umask setting to the
users .profile.
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Re: NFS permissions

Hi Joe,

When you export the file system with RW, that's mean that users can mount that file system in either read and write modes.

But when users create files on that filesystem, their respective umask get into function to determine which permissions will take effect on these files.

So, check the umask for those users in each .profile file to assign the right value to each user.