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NIC Link Speed and Duplex Command

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NIC Link Speed and Duplex Command

Hi, I have been hunting for a command I can run from a command line to query Windows for the link speed and duplex of the network cards installed in W2K AS, W2K3 AS. I can use netsh to remotely gather the TCP/IP info but can
not find anything to query the NIC speed and duplex. I have trawled the registry but there is no single installation marker/point? Any help would b great. Thanks in advance. JT
Steven E. Protter
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Re: NIC Link Speed and Duplex Command

service network status

Might give the information on certain Linix distributions.

Windows has a graphical display that shows NIC connection speed. It can be accssedd and put on the desktop in the TCP/IP properties section.

Drum roll, cause I'm saying something nice about windows(Windows is pretty good about going to best duplex available and duplex display probably isn't necessary).


Steven E Protter
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