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NICE value for Oracle processes are 22

NICE value for Oracle processes are 22

Hi, When oracle starts up all their processes have a value of 22 for NICE. All processes that get spawned(user processes) all retain that value. But all the rest of the processes(unix) have value of 20. How can I make the oracle processes have nice value of 20?
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Re: NICE value for Oracle processes are 22


I think you may have a "nice" command in the script that starts up Oracle. Scan your command startup files and look for the "nice" command and take it out.
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Steven E. Protter
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Re: NICE value for Oracle processes are 22

Whomever modified the nice value for oracle is likely to cause oracle very large peformance issues.

This was probably done in a script. Look at the startup script and use the reverse command that is in the script.

I would recommend stopping oracle and restarting it with a clean script.

Whomever did this may have been trying to alleviatge a performance problem which may come back after you fix the nice value. You should be prepared to tune the box or add resources so that the box continues to peform properly.

Steven E Protter
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Indira Aramandla
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Re: NICE value for Oracle processes are 22

Hi Charlie,

Nice value 20 is the system default value. The child processes would inherit the priority of the parent processes and you can find that most of the processes are running with 20 nice value.

When there is several processes, the next one to be run is selected on a priority basis. The prioirty is a function of the process history and a user manipulable parameter known as the niceness of the process, the higher the niceness, the lower the priority, the highest value is 20.

The command priocntl can be used to manipulate priorities. The command nice can be used to launch a process at a specified priority and renice can be used to modify the niceness of an existing process. Unless you are super-user you can only decrease the niceness of a process

The above mentioned is to be avoided. As far as the ORACLE processes goes.

Here is an explanation of a scenario.

Suppose we increase the priority of the PMON process then definetly it will prioritise in resource allocation to this process but this would actually have negative/or no effect on the performance as
untill and unless the DBWR, ARCH or SMON all of them completes, the overall performance of the db is actually impacted in a negative way therefore the default priorities (i.e. equal) is the suggested option.

It is recommended not to change the _default_ priorities for ora procs.

Indira A
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Re: NICE value for Oracle processes are 22

Oracle doesnt play nice it takes as many resources as it can :)