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NTSC/S-video output

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NTSC/S-video output

Here's my situation: I'm using a Voodoo 3 card with Redhat Linux 8.0 to watch video on my TV. That's why I need video output.

I want to upgrade to Fedora Core 5, but after unsuccessful attempts to get the video out to work I find that the drivers for the Voodoo 3 have not been ported to FC5.

Can anyone recommend a video card--hopefully not an expensive one--with this feature that will work under FC5 and is documented well enough for a dummy to install?
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Steven E. Protter
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Re: NTSC/S-video output


I believe there is a supported card on Fedora's website.

You best bet is to find something that the kernel supports and then you don't have to mess with it. Forcing RH products to accept hardware they don't fully support is a lot like getting my five year old to listen to me.

I'm undecided on which is harder at the moment.

Steven E Protter
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