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NX 6110 Start Up Problems.

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NX 6110 Start Up Problems.

I have had my NX 6110 for several years now. I currently have a problem upon bootup. When I power up my NX 6110, it takes a long time for it to recognise my hdd. For it to work properly I have to tap the chassis and the hdd starts working again.

I have upgraded to the latest BIOS and have done a complete re-install of the O/S but still the problem persists.

I have removed the hdd check the connections and all seems to be fine.

Has anyone had this problem before.
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Re: NX 6110 Start Up Problems.

This problem is due to loose connection b/w the hdd and the connector.Ensure that any connecting pins are broken or bend..
check whether the hdd mounted properly.

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Re: NX 6110 Start Up Problems.

I opened up the laptop and check throughly the connection, hdd was seated properly. In addition to this the laptop now reaches a point where the chasis needs to be bent so it starts properly.

I have several other people with exactly the same problem as me and it seems, to my knowledge, that the motherboard is on it's last legs.

As a test I even installed Linux on an external hard disk and removed the internal hdd but the laptop just sits there looking pretty.