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Need Help on Monitoring Tools

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Need Help on Monitoring Tools

Dear All,

Is there any 3rd party Tools supported by ORACLE available on UNIX Operating system ?? But not on NT.

I know some tools like TOAD,SQLNavigator,ERwin,DataJuction,DBArtisan which can be used on NT.Will this tools will
work on UNIX i mean whether we can install on Unix instead of accessing through NT And other 3rd party tools which can be used in UNIX platforms for Performance Monitoring,Adminstrative
tasks etc??

Thanks in Advance.

Oracle DBA
Michael Tully
Honored Contributor

Re: Need Help on Monitoring Tools

I can only comment from the HPUX side. You can install the trial version of the glancePlus pak. from your application CD set. This will give you a limited time in which you can ascertain whether it is any good for you. There are a small number of fuctions that can be used to measure database operations. There are of course others you could look at that are specifically for databases, these include Eco Tools and Patrol.
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Re: Need Help on Monitoring Tools

Hi Rajkumar,

Is said before, Trial HP Glance Plus ( 60 days license ) will be a solution for you. But you still can use also Trial HP Measure Ware Agent for collecting data and analyze them for a given time interval since HP Glance Plus is interactive ( ie. Gives you a real time sliding window on what is happening on your system ). You can also use Trial HP Perf View which allow you a single point of control.

Other tool specially done for oracle and it is really very powerfull is "SpotLight" this tool allow to monitor the activity on:

1. Redo Log files
2. Online Archive log files
3. Data files
4. The use of the system global area.
5. Sql*Net connection
6. Disk access
7. Rollback segments
8. Instantaneously running sql queries, packages, triggers, ...
etc ...

shows you also any Instantaneously bottlenecks.

I would recommand you this tool, but the license costs some $$$...

But you still ask for Trial version for evaluation.


Esteemed Contributor

Re: Need Help on Monitoring Tools

May be you can consider HP Vantagepoint (former ITO) but as I know compare with monitoring tool in NT , it much much more expensive.
Monitoring tool that only run on UNIX is not too good for Oracle.
TOAD is good enough , with UNIX monitor feature.
Even Oracle don't have good admin tool for UNIX.

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Re: Need Help on Monitoring Tools


There are two different ways you can monitor to make your life easier.

1. Monitor live for specific problems.
2. Monitor frequently for occurences of MAX
values or Errors and notify the admin.

For OS monitoring :

GlancePlus is good enough.

For Oracle monitoring :

SPOTLIGHT from Quest is good for case 1.
IWATCH from Quest is good for case 2.

You can configure iWatch to page you on specified events like
Listener error,
Any alert log entry,
File system capacity,
Prolonged jobs running,
And of course if the database is down.

Think about it twice, it is expensive.
Try the trial version first