NetServer not booting (or BIOSing)

James McRobert
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NetServer not booting (or BIOSing)

I'm would like to set up an old retired netserver LS (BIOS1.00.08.BL0G) as a linux box, and am having problems. The server will not boot from the floppy drive saying insert bootable media while a boot disc is in the drive.
I also cannot raise a BIOS setup on startup, and no documentation makes any mention of keys to press at startup.

Any clues would be well appreciated.
Cheers J
Roberto Gallis
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Re: NetServer not booting (or BIOSing)

Are you sure your floppy run corectly?
if yes,
try to load a new version of bios

you can try on and search by your netserver model a downloadable bios

if you cannot do so, try to attach the harddisk of the netserver in another pc and try to install linux anf finally reattach the harddisk in you netserver

Re: NetServer not booting (or BIOSing)

There are no keys to push at startup. On the Netserver LS you need the Netserver Navigator CD. The CD is auto-booting, so just put it in and let it go. Once the Navigator menu comes up, select Netserver Utilities, then EISA config utility. This is the same as the BIOS config on most PC based servers. At this point, you can set the boot order.

Also, as of a month or so ago, you have the latest BIOS. It hasn't rolled in a few years.

If you don't have the CD, a subscription service is availible from HP that does include the 'legacy' products. The only problem is that this service is a little expensive so it would be best to track down a CD.

Hope this helps,