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Netscape 4.78 to 7.0

Karthik S S
Honored Contributor

Netscape 4.78 to 7.0


I installed Netscape 7.o in my system and imported all my mails and addressbook from 4.78. But I dont find any method on importing the Filters that I created in 4.78. I tried copying the file "mailrule" from "$HOME/.netscape" to the new .mozilla profile directory but sill I am unable to see the filter in 7.0.

Pl. help

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Darren Prior
Honored Contributor

Re: Netscape 4.78 to 7.0

Hi Karthik,

I've not actually done this myself, but how about adding a simple filter in Netscape 7 and then looking for the file it went into. You can then compare the syntax of your old mailrule to the new format and see if it can easily be converted.

As an aside I went from Netscape 4.76 to Mozilla 1.3 on my wintNT pc a while back and it did move all the rules across (as far as I can remember!)


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