Netserver LH3 - How to "see" device on SCSI B?

Giulio Carabetta
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Netserver LH3 - How to "see" device on SCSI B?

I've a Netserver LH3 with Red Hat 6.0 (2.2.5) working as file server. It's
working fine.
Now I want to install a DLT to make bakup of the file server. I've connected
the DLT to the SCSI B channel. At boot time, Bios correctly display the device,
but Linux boot messages not. I've also tryed to mount all scsi module in the
kernel, but nothing appears.
I've also tryed with a newer kernel version, but I got just more errors. With
megaraid module of latest 2.3 kernel it's impossible to boot! It say something
about to try to change scsi bios configuration, but I'm not interested about
that testing.
Did anyone resolved this problem before?


Giulio Carabetta
Patrick Watts_1
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Re: Netserver LH3 - How to "see" device on SCSI B?

Are you trying to attach your DLT to the Netraid? The netraid controller is
LVD and supports only LVD/Ultra Devices.