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Network Realted

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Network Realted


I'm trying to run a client software on linux machine and the server s/w is on solaris, the server to clinet the connectivity is over VPN, I can ping the server, and telnet, but client will send data to the server on a specific port,when i try to establish the connection, the socket connection is getting established, both i dont know whether the data is going or not, on the server end i cant check.

IS there any toll which can tell me the data is passing between these two machines, and which path it is taking,,,

Jerome Henry
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Re: Network Realted

I see tcpdump port 'yoursendingport' which'll show you data going out (crypted if ina VPN), and you'll be able to see if quantity of data match...
You could do the same through your server if you could control it even from outiside, but if you have no way to see it, you can just control the data out...
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Re: Network Realted

please give me command example,,,
Balaji N
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Re: Network Realted

install ethereal.

rpm -qi ethereal
Name : ethereal Relocations: (not relocateable)
Version : 0.9.6 Vendor: Red Hat, Inc.
Release : 1 Build Date: Wed 21 Aug 2002 06:02:03 PM IST
Install date: Thu 27 Mar 2003 06:41:58 PM IST Build Host:
Group : Applications/Internet Source RPM: ethereal-0.9.6-1.src.rpm
Size : 7891046 License: GPL
Signature : DSA/SHA1, Wed 04 Sep 2002 02:43:19 AM IST, Key ID 219180cddb42a60e
Packager : Red Hat, Inc. <>
Summary : Network traffic analyzer.
Description :
Ethereal is a network traffic analyzer for Unix-ish operating systems.

This package lays base for libpcap, a packet capture and filtering
library, contains command-line utilities, and contains plugins and
documentation for ethereal. A GTK+ based graphical user interface is
available in a separate package.

+++++++++++++ for more info.

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Re: Network Realted


For tcp connections run this in client

#tcpdump tcp and dst host and tcp port xx > mydata

here is your servers IP address and xx is the server's application port.

Now after some time break the command.

See the mydata file.

#more mydata

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