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New Rx2660 Server and EVA440 - pointers please!

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Ken Mueller

New Rx2660 Server and EVA440 - pointers please!

Hello All,
We've recently purchased a couple of new rx2660 servers servers running HP-UX 11.31 (64 bit).
We intend to configure one server as "production" and the other for development and testing.
Each has dual-core Itanium processors and 16GB of ram.
The EVA4400 contains 12 300GB disks.
We will eventually be running an Oracle 11 database with an application that can best be described as combination OLTP and data warehouse in one - a mixed bag. There are a number of smaller applications it will need to support as well. We'll generally have 50 concurrent users or so.

So, we're hoping to get some pointers from people who've put together similar systems - any tech papers you could share with us, pitfalls to avoid , etc.
I'd also be interested in any ideas on moving a very old 100+GB Oracle database ( from a PA Risc system into Oracle 11 on our new system. Can this be done with exp and imp - or do we need to migrate 7.3 to some higher version before trying exp?

Any and all advice welcome!

Thanks, Ken
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: New Rx2660 Server and EVA440 - pointers please!

Shalom Ken,

Advice is soemthing you will get a lot of. Use cautiously.

Plan some performance tests to make sure the storage configuration you use is fast enough for your database.

Sadly, I do not think an exp and imp process will help you migrate you data.

You will need to work with a copy, take a cold backup of that. Then log into metalink and look up the procedures for migrating the data. These documents are multi step and need to be followed precisely.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation