New controller - won't boot!

Michael Williams_6
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New controller - won't boot!

Hello you clever people, here's an easy one, but I don't know the answer myself!

I've got a SLES8 server that we build using a generic ghost image (we then change the hostname and IP Address). Normally this is fine, and we've built hundreds of DL380's with this, however:

We're trying to build a really old DL360G1, which has the Integrated Smart Array, not the 5i card, this uses the cpqarray driver, and not the cciss one.

So when you boot it fails. I've booted into the box using a rescue CD, modified the /etc/fstab to point to the correct locations on /dev/ida/blah blah, and I've also successfully modified the /boot/grub/menu.lst file.

I then ran a mkinitrd, but this kept picking up the cciss driver, so I ran mkinitrd -m "cpqarray +other default options" and this told me it installed the cpqarray driver.

However, when I boot, the cciss driver is still being used and it's not finding the root filesystem. Is there anything I need to do after mkinitrd to install the image?

Or am I missing something???

Answers on a post-card, easy 10 points for the first answer posted! (bearing in mind I'm in the UK so won't assign until tomorrow!!)
Stuart Browne
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Re: New controller - won't boot!

What does your grub entry look like? I assume you've modified grub to point to the new initrd image.

(As a clean-up thing, you might want to modify /etc/modules.conf, and change the 'cciss' references to 'cpqarray').
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Steven E. Protter
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Re: New controller - won't boot!

You have a hardware difference which explains my your image probably won't work.

To get this to work right I suggest you first get the bootable configuration cd for this server from the compaq/hp website.

Then boot, prepare the disk array and do a clean installation of Suse8

Imaging just doesn't work unless the hardware is almost the same. HP's Ignite product allows for some adjustment but it doesn't run on Linux.

Steven E Protter
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Vitaly Karasik_1
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Re: New controller - won't boot!

Michael, you on the right way - it should work!

I suggest you re-check you initrd.img - does it include cpqarray?

The other way is using Mondo/Mindi for imaging - in many cases it takes such things [different HW] automatically.
Matt Palmer_2
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Re: New controller - won't boot!


do you maybe need to pass "acpi=oldboot" in the kernel params before booting??



Michael Williams_6
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Re: New controller - won't boot!

Thanks for your help guys, I will assign points when I get somewhere further with this!

Mondo looks good from a DR perspective, I might have to look into this!

Reading from the replies here, ignoring that I'm using a Ghost image, let's assume that I've just bought myself a nice new controller card for my system, are you saying that to get it to work, I'd have to re-build my box!?!?!

That's *CRAZY*!!!

Vitaly Karasik_1
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Re: New controller - won't boot!

Moving Ghost image to another hardware isn't trivial, but still possible - just re-check your initrd: open, mount and check which modules inside.