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Newbie having trouble reinstalling NT

App Dev
Occasional Visitor

Newbie having trouble reinstalling NT

I am trying to reinstall Windows NT 4 on a LH Plus server. The server has 3
drives on it.

The problem is that whenever I start the NT install, it says that there are no
hard drives.

I know that is incorrect becuase there are three there(raid). The drives were
detected by the OS before the harddrives were formatted.

I do have the Navigator CD and I get the same problem with that CD too.

How do I make NT detect the harddrives in the server?
John Pollack
Occasional Visitor

Re: Newbie having trouble reinstalling NT

Try reinstalling NT using the boot floppies. Skip SCSI detection and supply the
RAID drivers from the NT drivers disk that you generate from the NetServer
Navigator CD.