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Nickel not running


Nickel not running

when I am starting to take nickel it is showing following screen-

Nickel Revision: A.01.12b15-HP9000-Itanium-Version

Note, the Temporary Output will go to the following Directory:

Point your favourite Web browser to that directory and
open the file index.html to see the results.

Final Archived File:

Collecting System Information...

I have restarted diagnotic also but it has stucked here.
Pls suggest me.

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Re: Nickel not running

How long is it "stucked" there? It will take a while ...

Hope this helps!

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Re: Nickel not running

What to do if nickel script seems to be hang while running 30 mins >
If nickel is not giving any output please follow the steps given below.

Option 1:
1. Exit Nickel Session

2. Issue command:
# /sbin/init.d/diagnostic stop
# /sbin/init.d/diagnostic start

3. Run Nickel again:
# cd /opt/contrib/bin
# ./nickel
Option 2 (Assume option 1 fails, nickel still hangs at *stm*)

1. Telnet another session

2. # ps -ef | grep nickel
# kill -9
# kill -9
Repeat above if necessary

3. The Nickel Script should continue

Possible Cautions of the reported error "There is not enough memory available now."

1. Server was too busy at that time
2. While the script does # cat of big *.log files & possibly at the same time server is busy (Including Network Log netfmt)
3. You may may have noticed some logs collected in nickel maybe blank (In your case the process is not completed)
4. OLD STM .... query STM Info slow

>>> Next Recommended action to resolve not enough memory error :

1. Backup & Null the logs (If it is too big) and re-run nickel
2. Check the memory utilization of servers by
# top ..or # glance -m
- You may run when there is the less load
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