No Insight Management Agents for Redhat 9.0

Jeff Baisch
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No Insight Management Agents for Redhat 9.0

We too are trying to run RedHat Linux 9.0 on Proliant DL 380s and cannot monitor them with Insight Agents for Compaq. This is a problem. I have called HP several times looking for answers and the best I got was â the developers are waiting for the next release of RedHat before they do anything because they canâ t figure out how to make it workâ . I find this unacceptable especially since we have put a lot of faith in Proliant servers. Frankly I am very disappointed. We have to be able to monitor these servers for hardware failures because we are running them in a production environment. Does anybody know how to monitor Proliant servers running Red
Steven E. Protter
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Re: No Insight Management Agents for Redhat 9.0

My understanding is you will have to wait for the upgrade.

Last I looked in itrc Red Hat 7.x was supported, maybe Red Hat 8 as well.

HP does respond to customer requests, as the monitor these forums.

The best advice I can offer is to contact your local HP office and make your wishes clear.

Steven E Protter
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Jeff Baisch
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Re: No Insight Management Agents for Redhat 9.0

Thanks for your quick response!

I am very happy with HP/Compaq equipment and Support. I have been a Compaq fan since my days with UUNet/WorldCom in the mid to late 90s. I am concerned about the lack of support for Insight Agents and RH Linux 9.0. I cant be the only one that has this problem.

Everything you said here is what I have heard on the phone from three different people including their Linux dev expert. What I really need to know is - are there any other tools that anyone might know about that will:

Alert me when any hardware fails
Alert me when a drive is near capacity
Alert me when device is accessible/inaccessible?

Basically, everything Insight Manager does currently is what I need.