No one can solve my problem

David O'Hare
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No one can solve my problem

I am starting to repeat myself a little bit but that is because i have become desperate. I installed redhat9 on my laptop. When i booted it up the screen began scrolling very quickly. Apparently this is supposed to happen. Unfortunately mine will not stop scrolling. It is moving very fast though i don't think there are any error messages.

I have got to my desktop(Gnome) once by pressing I at startup to enter interactive startup. While on my desktop i opened the command shell and tryed changing the run level from 5 to 3 (someones advice) but unfortunately this made no difference. Every time i reboot it starts scrolling uncontrollably.

I have reinstalled a lot of times.

Are there any options i could pass to the kernel when installing in text mode.
I have tried putting "single" after kernel at login screen.

I have gone into rescue with my installation cd and typed "startx" but i got fatal server error messages.

I hope i have explained the problem clearly. I am in dire need of help with this.


Steven E. Protter
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Re: No one can solve my problem

Based on your prior post, I gave you a cookbook for stopping iptables from running on your machine. This was because you seemed to indicate iptables might be triggering the uncontrolled screen scroll.

I did not see from the earlier thread whether that suggestion was followed or worked.

Your problem is typical of an kenrel panic. I saw that the other day when I installed a RAM chip that was bad in a Linux server.

Many laptops have a video subsystem that is simply not compatible with Linux. If its not on the redhat 9 hardware compatability list, it might not work.

Your only option in this instance is to go to the laptop vendors website, look up your specs. Find out who made the video card, go t that website and see if there is a linux driver.

The winmodems in many laptops are also not comatible with Linux. to get those drivers.

If this fails, you may need to face the fact that Linux won't run on your laptop. It happens. Thats why I check the specs before I purchase a laptop.

I'm not actually expecting points for this post because that rarely happens when you tell someone something might not be possible.

You either deal with the hardware issues or try different hardware.

Steven E Protter
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Martin P.J. Zinser
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Re: No one can solve my problem

Hello David,

essentially up to now you have told us "it does not work". Which is fine, since you do have a problem, but we do need a bit more input to isolate the issue you experience.

Check dmesg and the boot messages (/var/log/boot.msg on my system). You should be able to see where it starts to go wrong. Get the first 10-20 lines of messages after the first error. This should give the forum a much better handle on the problem.

Greetings, Martin