No sound with SIS7012 & Red HAt 7.3

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No sound with SIS7012 & Red HAt 7.3

I have installed a Red Hat 7.3 on my notebook and it rocks....
BUT I have a strange problem, I cannot hear anything when I use XMMS or XINE (I do not have any error and xmms seems to work properly) but when I want to hear a regular CD there is no problem the sound is ok???

Thanks to help me clarifying this...
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Re: No sound with SIS7012 & Red HAt 7.3

Do you have any of the Sound driver modules installed?

Check /etc/modules.conf, and look for 'sound-slot-0'. If you have an entry for that, then run '/sbin/lsmod' and see if the listed module is actually inserted into the kernel.

If not, then it would appear that Kudzu couldn't do anything with any audio device it found (checking the file '/etc/sysconfig/hwconf', looking for 'AUDIO' will see if it actually found the devices).

But judging the 2 minute search of the 'net (, it seems that unless you have the very latest kernel, with a specific patch, it won't be supported out-of-the-box. (i'm unsure whether the 7.3 2.4.18-17.7x includes this patch), which leaves you two options.

ONE: Get the kernel source, and apply the patch yourself, recompile,and away you go.

TWO: use Alsa, which are external drivers (the first link of that search has links to Alsa howto's).
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