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Node size


Does the output of the command
numactl --hardware

available: 1 nodes (0-0)
node 0 cpus: 0 1
node 0 size: 8155 MB
node 0 free: 3231 MB
No distance information available.

node 0 size: 8155MB
mean that the local memory associated with node 0 is 8155MB?
Can anyone guide me please?
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Re: Node size

Yes, it looks like it means exactly that.

Furthermore, as your system currently seems to have all its CPU & memory resources in one node, it might not be a NUMA system at all, or at least the Linux kernel does not recognize it as such.

Your "numactl --hardware" output looks exactly the way I would expect it in a system that has no NUMA hardware features, but is currently running a Linux kernel that can support NUMA if necessary.

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Re: Node size


>> mean that the local memory associated with node 0 is 8155MB?
Yes. Thats what the output means.

But in your case there is only one node, so all the resources would be local
to that node. There is nothing NUMA about it.

Is it a NUMA system ?
If it is then is there any reason why it is configured with only one node?

Refer the following link for more details -

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