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OEM instalation

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OEM instalation

Hi All!
How can I use OEM? I have Oracle 8i Client on WIN98 host. The Server is on HPUX11.00 (O8i 8.1.6 STD). Whan I try to start OEM console on my host (WIN98) I get the error: VTK-1000 Unable to connect to management server .
I think I need to install something on the server... can you help me?
Thanx in advance
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Re: OEM instalation


You need to install the OMS component either in an existing database or in its own database. If you have a scratch/sandbox database that would be a good place to do it. However if you will be using OEM to gather historical performance data then you will need to give serious consideration to OEM having it's own database, perhaps on it's own server.

There are also many add-ons to OEM that may require special installations. Use meta-link to download all the information on installing OEM/OMS and any add-ons.

Andreas D. Skjervold
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Re: OEM instalation


OEM is a powerful utility. You can use it for almost anything.
The setup consists of the following:

- OEM Console (On client Workstation / PC)
- OMS management Server(On some server)
- Intelligent Agent( on each database server)

If you have only one database server and your Win98 workstation, the IA and OMS is set up on the database server, and you run the console from your PC. But preferably the OMS is set up on a separate server. (What good does it make to monitor a database if the server with both database and OMS crashes!)

The IA does the actual checking of the database thru SNMP, and is installed with the listener.
To start:
lsnrctl> dbsnmp_start

The OMS you have to install spesific with the Oracle Universal Installer. If you'll be monitoring / working with several databases on different servers and using the Data Gatherer, the OEM needs its own database as well.

The simpler solution if you only have to do DBA stuff on the database (no scheduling of jobs or monitoring) you can use the DBA Studio and SQL*Worksheet as Standalone against the database.

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