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OPS Raw devices filled up the root filesystem

Andrew R.

OPS Raw devices filled up the root filesystem

We have a recent OPS DB and created lots of LV's under a VG to create raw devices. The problem is under /dev/vgdata it created /dev/vgdata/rlvora_IDX_1G.dbf and filled up the root fle system eventhough /dev/vgdata/lvora_IDX_1G.dbf is a seperate Logical volume and is created on a totally seperate disk than the root disk.

When I look under /dev/vgdata I see all raw devices starts with crw-r--- except the one that I have problem with looks like a normal file -rw-rw---- with a file size (no minor no.)

I hope someone can give me some help here. Thanks
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Re: OPS Raw devices filled up the root filesystem

Well what has happened is you hav etold the OPS to install o r load, using a device file /dev/vgdata/rlvola_IDX_1G.dbf, but his device file did not exist. As a result it has created a normal file /dev/vgdata/rlvola_IDX_1G.dbf (that is what the file type shows.)

How did you create these lvols?

You will have to remove this file and recreate the rlvol file, then redo the OPS load.
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Stephen Andreassend
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Re: OPS Raw devices filled up the root filesystem

I had this problem last week, a typo in my OPS creation script missed the r prefix on one of the logical volume names and over-wrote the LVM block device file with a file system data file.

Make sure the LVMs are setup correctly before creating your database. Despite using the mknod command to repair my volume group, I experienced continuing problems such as different device files binding to different physical LVMs segments on disk (!!!) after each reboot.

Since my volume group was obviously corrupted, I used vgexport to destroy the volume group and recreated it, them recreated the LVMs.

Re: OPS Raw devices filled up the root filesystem

The problem was resolved, I guess our DBA wrote to the raw device but for some reason he added a non-printable character at the end of the raw-device name which created a new file and filled up the '/'

Thanks a lot for all of you
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