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ORA-00600 internal errorcode [ktfbbsearch-7],[125]

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Ketan Upadhyay
Occasional Visitor

ORA-00600 internal errorcode [ktfbbsearch-7],[125]

I am getting this error in updating table data.
For some records it works fine and after some time for other records it gives this error.
After restart it works fine for sometime.
Rajesh SB
Esteemed Contributor

Re: ORA-00600 internal errorcode [ktfbbsearch-7],[125]


It sounds like, system/kernel is not tuned against Oracle recommended values. System is running shortage of resource after long time usage. You can observe some messages in the syslog too.

The following Tunable kernel parameters recommended for Oracle 9i.

Parameter value

dnlc_hash_locks 512
max_thread_proc 4096
maxdsiz 0X60000000
maxdsiz_64bit 0X100000000
maxfiles 4096
maxfiles_lim 2048
maxssiz 0X800000
maxssiz_64bit 0X9000000
maxswapchunks 2048
maxtsiz 0X4000000
maxtsiz_64bit 0X80000000
maxuprc 1024
maxusers 1024
nflocks 2048
npty 1024
nstrpty 1024
semmni 2000
semmns 2000
semmnu 2000
shmmax 0X120000000

shmmni 2000

Good Luck,

Alex Lavrov.
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Re: ORA-00600 internal errorcode [ktfbbsearch-7],[125]

It's an internal Oracle error. There is not much you can do with it. You should call Oracle support and send them the whole message.

The only thing that can provide some info is the numeric values. In you case it's [125].

After some googling I found this:
"it is a reported bug.
the error only applies to locally managed tablespaces trying to create an initial extent greater than 63M when using a non standarad block size (i.e not 4k,8k,16k,etc..) .
workaroud is to use a standard block size of 8192 or something like that with locally managed tablespaces. "

But anyway, the best thing you can do is call Oracle Support.

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Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: ORA-00600 internal errorcode [ktfbbsearch-7],[125]

I would in addition to other advice make sure Oracle has not updated the patch requirements for the database.

My experience is that Oracle discovers new patches are needed, updates the website but does not bother to notify users until they call support.

ORA-00600 is a catchall. The database knows something is wrong, but can not provide you with anything more specific.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
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Re: ORA-00600 internal errorcode [ktfbbsearch-7],[125]

hi ketan,

you did not post your oracle version.

Did you make any changes to your tablespace? Is it LMT or DMT?

What is your block size?

any major change you did before you started to get this error?

As others have said, these types of errors are better solved by Oracle Support (Metalink).

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Indira Aramandla
Honored Contributor

Re: ORA-00600 internal errorcode [ktfbbsearch-7],[125]

Hi Ketan,

For error ORA-00600 internal errorcode [ktfbbsearch-7],[125]

Oracle says that using block sizes that are not a power of 2 (like suggested number 4096, 8192, ...) causes this problem. This error may occur for Locally Managed Tablespaces.

As Yogeeraj asked are your tablespaces Locally Managed Tablespaces, and what is the DB_BLOCK_SIZE.

SQL>select tablespace_name, extent_management from dba_tablespaces;
SQL>show parameter db_block_size

As you got the ORA-600 it will be better if you log an iTAR with Oralce and try to solve the issue.

Indira A
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