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ORACLE 8.0.6

Ivan Azuara
Regular Advisor

ORACLE 8.0.6

I changed the db_max_pct and reduce the use of memory to 60%, I think that's good !

In relation to the changes about init.ora, my dba is checking your recommendations and is changing some values. For now we are going to tuning the performance with this changes ?

Thank's !

P.D. What oracle 8.0.6 manual recommends, for find more information about the tuning on oracle databases ?

Best Regards !

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Eric Ladner
Trusted Contributor

Re: ORACLE 8.0.6

FYI, dbc_max_pct should be very small to allow for more memory in the SGA. Values above 5 percent should be considered too large.
Krishna Prasad
Trusted Contributor

Re: ORACLE 8.0.6

Now that you have more memory let Oracle use it and change the SGA.
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Ian Dennison_1
Honored Contributor

Re: ORACLE 8.0.6

Recommended reading,...

Oracle 8 Tuning and Performance Guide

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Re: ORACLE 8.0.6

You sjwould hav ebeen better posting this back into your original post wher emany others tried to help you. It is much easier to follow the thread then.
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