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ORACLE_HOME more directories

Rob van Buiten
Regular Advisor

ORACLE_HOME more directories


We installed Oracle and the default for ORACLE_home=/oracle.

We also want to install the Oracle Enterprise Manager in a special filemount called /OEM. But during install at the end by making the repository DB it refers to the ORACLE_home=/oracle.

Is it possible to set ORACLE_HOME to /oracle and /OEM ???

Robert-Jan Goossens
Honored Contributor

Re: ORACLE_HOME more directories

Hi Ron,


I use multiple oracle versions and users on our system, ORACLE_HOME are set in $HOME/.profile of the oracle users.

Hope this helps,

Victor Fridyev
Honored Contributor

Re: ORACLE_HOME more directories


You can have as many ORACLE_HOMEs and Oracle version as you need. In order to implement this, print
before each Oracle installation.
In order to use differnt version in applications, you have to set appropriate ORACLE_HOME, include ORACLE_HOME/bin into PATH and ORACLE_HOME/lib into SHLIB_PATH
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Honored Contributor

Re: ORACLE_HOME more directories

hi ron,

you can export the ORACLE_HOME each time you have to setup the environment variables for each cases.

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Eric Antunes
Honored Contributor

Re: ORACLE_HOME more directories

No! You must have only 1 ORACLE_HOME for each user! If you want to use several version, Y'll need several unix users!!

I think that during OEM installation, you're only asked to give the current user's ORACLE_HOME, you're not asked to change it.
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Stephen Badgett
Regular Advisor

Re: ORACLE_HOME more directories

Hi Ron,

I would think you could write a small script to set (export) the ORACLE_HOME environment variable if a user needs to use a different version without having to login as a new user. The script will have to be sourced i.e. ---> . oracle_v_1

Not as is, is now
Geoff Wild
Honored Contributor

Re: ORACLE_HOME more directories

Another way - have 2 different oracle id's with their own ORACLE_HOME:

have an oracle userid and an oem userid.

Make them belong to same group - say dba

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