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ORacle 9i on service guard

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ORacle 9i on service guard


I have an extended wide cluster running.

The client now wants to install oracle 9i to test a legacy system.

I have installed oracle on a shared area /orabin and the datbase on a sharde area /oradata.

the root drives are internal to each node.

I have installed oracle 9i on the one node.

How do i insta;ll it on the second node.

i see that on the primary node there is a /etc/oratab but not on the second node.
Rita C Workman
Honored Contributor

Re: ORacle 9i on service guard

First you need to do some reading/learning of ServiceGuard.

Then I might ask if you have SG installed?

If you installed oracle on disk that can be seen by both nodes, then you're off to a good start. But there is alot more to do, so let me recommend you check out:

It used to be alot easier to get this info, now you have to have a Business Portal login because HP is changing things....alas the good old days seem to be quickly passing away.

This should help you significantly and then if you run into any questions just post them and someone will be here to help.

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Re: ORacle 9i on service guard

Hi service guard is installed as i said.

WE have 2 node cluster. with two eva's

The servers have mirrored internal disks for os on each.

I have two vg's

one for /orabin that is in a package.

and one for /oradata that is in the same package.

This package failes over fine to each node.

I have two lock disks as well. and have tested failure of thes cluster is fine.

I then have a package for the database itself.

The oracle binries are in /oradata

and the databases are in the /oradata area.

the oracle package is dependant on the vgpackage being up.

I have installed oracle fine on node 1.

when i flip to the second node it starts up and the listener starts fine as well and the database comes up fine but the users cannot get to the base on the second node.

The databas package has its own ip and i can ping this at all time with flipping it across nodes.

To let you know i am new to oracle.

When i investigated i saw that the /etc/oratab did not exist on the second node. Which got me to wondering what i had missed out when i did the install on the node 1. And what i needed to install on node 2 to make sure stuff like /etc/oratab gets installed.
Rita C Workman
Honored Contributor

Re: ORacle 9i on service guard

Have you investigated what the users (clients) tnsnames is pointing to???

The IP of the first node, or the package name?

We point all clients to the package name, and we ensure that all package name's will do a proper reverse lookup.

Check the clients tnsname.
Check that the clients resolution (DNS or HPUX) will properly do a reverse lookup. Again I recommend that the tnsname follow the package - not the server/node.

Just a thought,
Not sure what your DBA's might use it for, ours generally just put in the version of oracle running.
Randy Hagedorn
Regular Advisor

Re: ORacle 9i on service guard

On our Linux server the Oracle listener was erroring on 'ORA-12560 TNS:Protocol Adaptor Error'. So we had stop the firewall. We just turned it off completely since our Oracle servers are behind the company firewall.

On Linux the command is 'service iptables off'.

Just a thought.

Ben Dehner
Trusted Contributor

Re: ORacle 9i on service guard

As Rita pointed out, you need to insure that the client TNSNAMES (LDAP, Oracle Names, whatever ...) points to the package IP address, and not to the node IP address. Along these lines, EZConnect won't work, because this relies on the node IP address.

In addition, you need to make sure that the listner process fails over with the package, and that the listener also binds to the package IP address. Since the Oracle binaries are on shared storage that fails over, the listener would have to fail over as well, but it might not be binding to the right IP.
Trust me, I know what I'm doing
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Re: ORacle 9i on service guard

so here is what we did.

copied /etc/oratab across.
we used physical ip in the tnsnames.ora
MAke sure both oracle profiles are exactly the same.

we did not set the oracle sid.

hope i allocated points properly