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Obtaining HP-UX 11 11.31

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Obtaining HP-UX 11 11.31

Does anyone know how I can get a copy ot the 11.31 media ? Neither of the new HP entities can provide it, nor can they even locate one.  Thanks in advance


Re: Obtaining HP-UX 11 11.31

>> Neither of the new HP entities can provide it, nor can they even locate one. 

So by this I presume you mean Hewlett Packard Inc. (HP) and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE).

HP certainly won't help you getting a copy of HP-UX - as they don't sell it or support it. HP Inc. sell PCs and printers and other consumer devices.

HPE sell Integrity servers and HP-UX to run on them. HPE can provide copies of HP-UX *to those entitled to it under the Ts & Cs of either their new license purchase or their support contract*

They don't just send copies to every Tom, Richard or Harry that asks for a copy.

(apologies for mangling that saying slightly but the forums interpret the shortening of the name Richard to D**k as a swear word and replace it with *bleep*. I feel sorry for anyone actually called that!)

So maybe a little more background and we can determine if we can help you? Presumably you have a HP9000 or HP Integirty Server that you wish to put HP-UX on - can you prove you are entitled to the software, either by showing a HP order you have recentky placed for the software of by showing the details of a support contract you have with HPE? (please don't post any of your data here to a public forum though - just tell us what you have.)

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Re: Obtaining HP-UX 11 11.31


If you have a valid software support contract with HPE, you can download the media from HPE Support Center using a valid PassPort Sign in

If you wish to purchase a HPUX OS license and software support you may contact HPE Account/Sales team. 

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