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Omnibook 6100 modem under linux

Miguel Rodriguez_3
Frequent Advisor

Omnibook 6100 modem under linux

Is there anyway to use the internal modem of a Omnibook 6100 under linux. I'm using RedHat 7.2 and everything is working fine except the internal modem.
Kodjo Agbenu
Honored Contributor

Re: Omnibook 6100 modem under linux


I have heard that there is NO driver for that winmodem. It seems to be a 3com modem specifically designed for cost reduction :-(, not for use with Linux.

May be one day, a software developer using the same modem will create a driver for it.
If you have that competency, do not hesitate.

Good luck.

Learn and explain...
Zain Hoosen
Occasional Visitor

Re: Omnibook 6100 modem under linux

I am just gonna be a bit of a bother, not helping you with your problem, please tell me how you set up your VGA drivers for omnibook 6100 using redhat linux 7.2, I am having difficulty setting it up. your help would be great.

And about that modem problem, tried using one of the standard modem drivers ! (just a thot, let me know bout your success cos i am gonna get there once i get that darn VGA problem sorted out)

Zain - Linux newbie
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Robert Gadsdon
Occasional Visitor

Re: Omnibook 6100 modem under linux

Assuming the modem/lan combo _is_ the 3com one (also used in the older OB6000) then this modem is not supported by any Linux 'linmodem' driver. The lan hardware works fine. There was a message from someone two years ago offering to produce a driver, but nothing happened. Apparently this modem is not 'similar' to any other winmodems, so other 'linmodem' drivers (such as the one for Lucent chipsets) will not work.
Jeroen Wijnands
Occasional Contributor

Re: Omnibook 6100 modem under linux

Redhat 7.2 contains an Xfree version that doesn't properly support that rage M6 chip.

In other words, it won't work out of the box with an omnibook 6100. You'll need to upgrade x to the latest version or, if your linux skills are like mine, switch to redhat 7.3