Omnibook XE3 and apm

James Roper

Omnibook XE3 and apm

Currently, apm isn't able to detect the battery on an Omnibook XE3. Does anyone know if:

1) There are any modules that can
2) There are any people that are or are interested in developing a module that can
3) Where I would go to find out more information
4) How I could write/modify a module that can.

I can program in C, but I have no idea how to talk directly to hardware, maybe reading the kernel source for apm would help, but how would I find out how to talk to the bios in the Omnibook XE3? I assume that's where the battery status information is found.
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Jerome Henry
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Re: Omnibook XE3 and apm

The trouble is not in APM, but in Omnibook BIOS, read this thread (and the answers) about that :
XE3 BIOS much likely doesn't support APM. But there is a waya activating ACPI instead : read
ACPI enabling howto :
(It's for rh8.0, but process is the same on other versions, except real old versions).
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