On Sept 1 2007 Stuart Brownie wrote...

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On Sept 1 2007 Stuart Brownie wrote...

On Sept 1 2007 Stuart Brownie wrote...

Whilst I don't just sit around waiting for posts on the weekend, I do poke the computer every few hours and have a look-see.. I did once write a script which would check if there were any new forum posts (it would check every minute), and play a sound.. but that was when I really did have nothing better to do :) It's turned off currently.

Can a script like this be wrote for windows xp?
I would love to be able to have this info for a forum I am on, I would also like to have a different sound for every notification I get.
I know nothing about scripts, it there any where I can learn to do this? (For Dummies)
Steven E. Protter
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Re: On Sept 1 2007 Stuart Brownie wrote...


HP sends out an email with interesting new posts once in a while.

They have recently added javascript that seems, when working to keep parts of the site dynamic.

The Opera browser has a refresh feature that can let you have a session open that refreshes once in a while bringing new posts to your attention.

HP's stance seems to be based on how the site is structured to make it difficult for bots to work the site and waste resources. The site is designed for live users.

It would be nice as the top point earner to get an SMS every time a new thread pops up where I post, but that's not really going to work.

As far as I know, no script exists for windows.

I used a wget script for Linux but never got around to writing the interface to send out the SMS message, which would annoy me when I'm in my car or working on a closed network here without the ability to read/respond/psot.

Steven E Protter
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