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Re: Open Office Novell Edition

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Open Office Novell Edition


I recently began working with an HP 2133 that came configured with the Novell Edition of Open Office 3.0.

While uninstalling Beagle, I unfortunately deleted quite a bit of dependency related application too. I was able to restore them all using the needed RPM packages, from a Novell disk. However Open Office 3.0 was not available.

I am wondering if any one knows if OO0-3.0 (Novell Edition) is contained on the HP download. I had tried to download that ISO, but my session time out due to the size.

What further adds some mysyerty is that OOO-2.0 (Open Source version) is actually installed from the factory on this computer and even all off the desktop icons run it instead of OOO-3.0 (NE), which makes me wondering if there was a paralell install, or perhaps 3.0 ports to 2.0???

Thank you.
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Re: Open Office Novell Edition

Try running "zypper in openoffice" or "zypper -r 1 -i openoffice" as this should fetch it from the Novell repo, and thus re-install all your missing depencies.
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Re: Open Office Novell Edition

why did you remove beagle? these days the linux desktop has a lot of dependencies in the bigger distros. so when you remove an integral part of the desktop a lot of other stuff gets removed as well.

easy solution is just to disable the parts you do not want. only thing they'll take up is disk space (which is minimal).

ofcourse it can be done, but you have to know what you are doing or you'll get in a mess you'll never get out again...
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Re: Open Office Novell Edition

Thank you Andrew, I will give it a shot, I appreciate your help.

Dirk, thank you too. Your advice is on the money. Linux is new to me, so I was not as aware of the damage that could be done. I have learned quite a bit in a short while in that regard. While I like the Yast2 GUI front end for zypper, it really helps in terms of knowing what HP installed on the HP2133 netbook and what they did not (relative the the actual Novell release) and for updating, upgrading it is a nice bit of software. Yet for removal well, it can jam you up. After upgrading yast2 the other day, parts of the system did not function. I used rpm from the command line to remove it all, I was able to record all of the various dependency relationships, place all of the various rpm packages in a temporary directory and reinstall from the command line using rpm. I guess you could say it is nice to have two tools. But knowing which is best for a particular situation comes with experience.

I did not realize that Beagle is a Daemon and could have just been disabled. The HP2133 is not the fastest thing out there and I wanted to make sure that as few as possible apps are running.

Thanks to both of you guys for the help.