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OpenLDAP poor performance on HP-UX

Pavel Moravec
Occasional Advisor

OpenLDAP poor performance on HP-UX

we observe very poor performance of OpenLDAP running on our HP-UX 11i. E.g. ldapadd adding 20.000 records takes over 27 minutes(!):

$ time ./ db_backup.ldif > /dev/null
ldapadd: no DN specified

real 27:00.2
user 9.1
sys 1.8

While the same on similarly powerfull RedHat Linux box takes 90seconds, 18times less.

ldapsearch is similarly poor in performance, e.g. it takes 8 seconds on HP-UX while 1 second on the Linux.

slapd.conf setting:
index name,sgn,sin,omg pres,eq
cachesize 100000
dbcachesize 1000000

CPU does not seem to be the bottleneck. top neither vmstat show high CPU usage or long runqueue.

I suppose it is a configuration issue but I am unable to find anything relevant. Is there any clue?
Pavel Moravec
Occasional Advisor

Re: OpenLDAP poor performance on HP-UX

Btw. the only answer that I received by googling is that PHKL_25367 has negative impact to performance. This patch is not installed on our system, while its superseded PHKL_34534 is used.