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Lee Bishop
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Openmail From Address

Currently at our company we are taking over another. We have exchange and they have openmail MAPI. this will stay the same. When messages are received from an openmail user it displays their full name and distribution list

John Smith /

the real email address for this user is

is there something that I can do on my exchange end or is it something to do with their openmail setup?
Dave Kelly_1
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Re: Openmail From Address

The OpenMail server needs to perform internet address mapping.

This can easily be achieved by adding the following line to /var/opt/openmail/general.cfg:


and amending each entry in the OpenMail directory to include the attribute INTERNET-ADDR.

When messages leave the OpenMail server, the name will be displayed as what ever value is held in INTERNET-ADDR.

For messages going IN to the OpenMail server, sendmail aliases can be used to map the internet address to the unix-style OpenMail address.
Ossie de Jongh

Re: Openmail From Address

Dave is 100% correct. There will be now way to translate that on your side.

You deserve a 10 for that mate ! :)
Lee Bishop
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Re: Openmail From Address

Thanks Very much for the info less work for me to do now! thanks guys!