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Ora 7.3.4: Messages not found


Ora 7.3.4: Messages not found


i have a problem with Ora 7.3.4 on HP-UX 11.11. It seems, that the error messages not found.
TNS-03502: Message 3502 not found; product=NETWORK; facility=TNS

Message 4505 not found; No message file for product=SVRMGR, facility=MGR

All answers i found says, that the environment isn't set correctly. But the ORACLE_HOME, ORA_NLS33 and SHLIB_PATH is set. And the messages are under ORACLE_HOME/network/mesg

Can anyone help ?
Andreas D. Skjervold
Honored Contributor

Re: Ora 7.3.4: Messages not found


If you have several ORACLE_HOMEs on your server make sure your're pointing to the correct one.

Otherwise the solution might be that the message file simply isn't there, due to an incomplete installation or that it has been deleted.

Only by ignoring what everyone think is important, can you be aware of what everyone ignores!
John Palmer
Honored Contributor

Re: Ora 7.3.4: Messages not found

Are you sure that ORACLE_HOME has been exported by the shell? Simply setting ORACLE_HOME= is not enough, you must export ORACLE_HOME.


Re: Ora 7.3.4: Messages not found

Yes, the ORACLE_HOME is exported and point to the right directory. And the Message Files are all there. But i have found a workaround. I set NLS_LANG an then it works. I don't understand that, because on a second machine with the same configuration i don't need this parameter. I think normally, i don't need this parameter, but who cares, it works.